[the Grahams] Vincent & Laurie

Vincent and Laurie are passionate about many things, first and foremost their marriage, family and relationship with God. Secondly they have a heart for God's people and the lost and forgotten.



Husband | Father | Techy | Videographer


Vincent  having 15 years experience as a DJ has always had a knack for electronics and learning how they work.  However it wasn't until he was challenged to create a video for his wife's small group that he realized his passion for editing and videography.  He hasn't stopped learning and creating since.



Wife | Mother | Encourager | Photographer

Laurie's creativity started at an early age as she would often get reprimanded for day dreaming or doodling during class.  It wasn't until her husband Vincent insisted in investing in a real camera did she realize her calling and potential as a visionary and photographer.


New Life Productions main goal is to share the beauty and talent of Gods people to the world, whether it be through photography, videography, DJ services, promotional videos, artist spotlights or music videos we are here to glorify God through our work.









Creatively Yours,

Vincent & Laurie

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